Hair Care for Extension Braids

RobertoDavid/iStock/Getty Images

Braid extensions require care, just as natural hair does. Gentle washing and moisturizing help keep your braids healthy and attractive. Proper care also helps protect the hair underneath from drying out.

Cleanse with Care

According to, it's important to be gentle when washing braid extensions. Part the braids into four sections, and then pour shampoo diluted with water over the braids. Pour clean water on top of the braids until the water rinses clean.

Condition Carefully

After washing braids, apply a deep conditioner to them. (Avoid applying it to the scalp, as this can, according to, cause buildup near the scalp. If buildup is present, it can be removed gently with a toothbrush.) When the hair is half dry, remove the bands; this way, the bands won't leave a dent where they fastened the braids. Spray a braid spray, liquid moisturizer or water on your braids twice daily or as needed to maintain moisture. recommends a liquid moisturizer, because it would penetrate through the braids to your natural hair.

Wrap It Up

Protect braid extensions while you sleep by wrapping them in a scarf at bedtime, according to the site Silk or satin scarves work best, because they provide a soft, slippery surface for hair to rest upon. Avoid cotton scarves, which draw moisture away from hair.