How do I Repair a Swimming Pool Deck?

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Concrete pool decks suffer damage from changing weather conditions, freezing temperatures, pool chemicals or sun exposure. Any of these factors can cause cracks or pitting in the surface of your pool deck. The longer this damage is left untended, the more it can spread across the deck or even the pool itself. Instead of simply ignoring the damage or hiring an expensive repair crew, try fixing the deck yourself using simple tools and techniques.

Repair Cracks

Insert the tip of a chisel into the crack. Using a hammer, chisel the sides of the crack until they form an inverted-V shape. When the base of the crack is wider than the top, repairs last longer.

Clean the crack with a wire brush to remove all dust and debris. Vacuum or sweep the dust away before proceeding.

Paint a concrete bonding adhesive to the inside of the crack. Paint this product into the entire crack to help the patching material bond with the existing concrete. Allow the adhesive to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions before proceeding.

Mix concrete patching compound with water in a bucket. Blend the two ingredients according to the instructions on the package.

Dip a trowel into the concrete mixture and apply it to the crack. Force the mixture into the crack, filling the entire void. Level out the surface with the trowel and feather the edges of the patch to help blend it in with the surrounding concrete. Allow the patch to dry according to the instructions on the concrete package.

Resurface a Pool Deck

Put on safety glasses to protect your eyes. Chip away loose or spalling surface concrete using a chipping hammer.

Sweep or vacuum the chipped concrete and all dust and debris. Check that the entire deck is clean before proceeding.

Mix concrete leveling compound with water according to the instructions on the bag. Blend these two ingredients well using a trowel or stirring stick.

Pour the leveling compound over the damaged areas of the pool deck. Immediately use your trowel to spread the mixture across the surface. Smooth out the surface and feather the edges to help them blend with the existing concrete.

Allow the deck to dry completely according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply a coat of enamel paint or pool deck sealer to protect the deck and give it the desired appearance.