The Best Men's Bodywash

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What to Look For

The primary difference between men's body wash and women's body wash is scent. Men's body wash is scented with smells similar to cologne. You want to look for a body wash with a nice smell that lasts and a soap that nourishes the skin. Among the choices in men's body wash, Esquire Magazine recommends Axe Shower Gel and recommends Suave for Men.

Common Pitfalls

The mistake men make when selecting a body wash is selecting one based purely on scent or cost. It is also important to make sure the body wash addresses any needs you have such as dry or sensitive skin. Cost wise, less expensive washes often work just as well as their expensive counterparts.

Where to Buy

Men's body wash is available in grocery stores, drug stores, big box retail establishments and online. Big box retail establishments like Target and Wal-Mart tend to have the best variety and pricing on men's body wash. Dove for Men comes in three different varieties and Axe has 10 plus varieties, so choosing a store with a good selection, like Wal-Mart, is the key to finding the fragrance and formula that works for you.


Both Axe shower gel and Dove for Men retail for about $4. Wal-Mart tends to have the lowest prices for both items.