Facts on Body Wraps

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Body wraps are a spa treatment that claim to detoxify the body, moisturize your skin, relax you and -- in some cases -- help you shed inches. The typical wrap involves binding your arms, legs, torso and neck with elastic clothes soaked in mixtures that may include rosemary, clay, eucalyptus or other herbs. You'll feel compressed, but not suffocated, in the tight wrapping which is said to encourage you to sweat out toxins and lose excess fluid in the spaces between your cells. You may remain wrapped for 20 minutes or longer.

Are They Beneficial?

Wraps may help smooth and moisturize your skin. Provided you aren't claustrophobic, the wrap can be relaxing -- it's often done in a dim room with soothing music, blissful aromas and a warm temperature. Wraps may give you a temporary feeling of relaxation, improved skin appearance and even make you feel a little thinner. You may lose some inches in your midsection, thighs and arms immediately following a wrap; this is due to sweating and the loss of interstitial fluid, which is located between body tissues and cells. The fluid re-accumulates, though, in a couple of days -- so wraps aren't a permanent weight-loss fix. Only diet and exercise can help you lose weight; wraps can't change the physical structure of the fat cells that lie beneath the skin.