Tips to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

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Everyone has at least one body part they'd prefer to camouflage, but a nose that makes you unhappy is difficult to hide. Fortunately, makeup effectively minimizes and shapes a nose when applied correctly. Although not a permanent solution, makeup is much less expensive and invasive than cosmetic surgery; a few makeup-artist secrets might be all it takes to get the svelte nose you desire.

Foundation Tips

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With a matte foundation that is two shades darker than the one you normally use, draw a line down each side of your nose and another thin line down the bridge of your nose. Blend the dark foundation very well and then apply your usual matte foundation over top. Always use matte makeup to reduce shine on your nose, and set your foundation with a powder after applying and blending.

Makeup Tricks

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Another way to make your nose look smaller is by attracting attention to other facial features. Use a bronzer or a blush with a hint of shimmer to draw attention from your nose to your cheeks. The same trick works with lipstick; choosing a lipstick or gloss that has a bit of a sheen will subtly attract attention to your lips.