Types of Beeswax for Hair

man with dreadlocks image by nutech21 from Fotolia.com

Beeswax is an effective tool to develop dreadlocks, which you may associate with the Rastafarian movement, especially it's archetypal singing sensation, Bob Marley. If you are looking to grow or maintain dreadlocks, beeswax is an effective way to sculpt your locks, especially if you have very dry hair. Several types of beeswax are effective, including regular beeswax, dreadlocking wax and petroleum wax.

Regular Beeswax

Regular beeswax has both pros and cons for those who are growing dreadlocks. On the plus side, regular beeswax is a natural product that effectively holds dry hair in place and will give your hair a good smell. Regular beeswax is, however, very brittle and may crack and flake off your hair. Regular beeswax may hold unwanted dirt in your hair until it melts out, and it leaves behind a residue that can build up. You may also have trouble finding regular beeswax as it is less common than other dreadlocking solutions and it also takes a while to prepare.

Petroleum Wax

Petroleum wax is usually made up of 70 percent petroleum, mixed with regular beeswax. Apart from leaving a pleasing aroma on your hair and being easy to find, this wax is not nearly as effective as dreadlocking wax. Petroleum wax leaves behind a residue that can cause dreads to fall apart. If not applied correctly, petroleum wax can also lubricate the hairs so much that it actually prevents the hairs from being able to lock up.

Dreadlocking Wax

Dreadlocking wax stands alone as the best option for dreadlocks, apart from the fact that it can be hard to find. This wax holds dreads together very well when they are new and hardest to manage. Dreadlocking wax is a natural product that can hold down loose hairs and make your dreads smooth temporarily. If you apply too much of this wax it will leave a residue, but you can melt the wax out by blow drying or placing your dreads in hot water. Dreadlocking wax is a natural conditioner for dreads that also leaves behind a pleasing smell.