Sports Camp Packing List

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Sports camps provide an opportunity to improve sports skills and technique. Along with meeting new friends from other towns, you can learn from some of the best coaches. Some sports camps last several days or weeks, requiring you to pack gear, equipment, clothing and personal items. Making a packing list can help you remember everything you need.


Clothing is one of the most important items on your sports camp packing list. Although you will have to adjust the list based on the weather and time of year, your basic needs include several pairs of athletic clothing such as shorts, socks and T-shirts. If the camp will be outside, consider bringing sweatpants, a lightweight jacket, long-sleeve shirts and a rain jacket. Bring pajamas, extra socks, extra underwear and sandals. If there is a social gathering or banquet following the camp, you might have to pack dress clothes.

Personal Items

Personal items include items that you use on a daily basis, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, razor, deodorant, shaving cream and soap. Other items may include hair care products such as hair spray, hair gel and shampoo. You can organize these items in a cosmetic bag or Ziploc bag.


Your sports camp packing list should include the equipment you need for the sport. Some camps have extra gear, but it’s a good idea to pack your own equipment. If you are attending a football camp, for example, pack your cleats, shoulder pads and a helmet. For baseball and softball camps, bring a glove, cleats, sliding shorts and a bat.


The sleeping arrangements can vary depending on the sports camp. At some camps you sleep in college dormitories, and in others you stay with a host family or in a hotel. Bring the bedding appropriate to the accommodations. Regardless of the sleeping arrangements, you might want to bring your own pillow.