What to Do at Universal Studios for Kids

Transformers The Ride - Universal Studios

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How to Make This Universal Studios Visit the Best Visit Ever for Your Kids

Universal Studios is an amazing experience for the whole family, but it also has the potential to be incredibly intimidating. With long lines, huge crowds and so much to see, how do you know you are making the best plan of action for your family? While you are likely to have a great time no matter which rides and attractions you go for, there are absolutely some ways to make the day smoother and more fun than ever.

Best Time to Go

The beauty of Universal Studios is that they are located in warm-weather locations, meaning you will not have to worry about cold weather and related issues. Whether you end up in the California location (100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA) or Orlando (6000 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL), it is warm year-round. However, you will be outside in the sun all day, so if you are sensitive to the sun, avoid going during peak sun times during the summer, and always wear SPF.

Don’t Miss Out

Some rides are forever; others are only here for a limited engagement. If you are aware that a ride may be a limited time offering, make that a priority so the kids can have bragging rights for years to come. Yes, do the Harry Potter rides. Enjoy the Marvel rides. Hopefully, those will be around for a while, but you can never be sure. Who knows what will be available next time you make it to the park?


Plan ahead for some of the most fun aspects of Universal Studios. For example, if signed up early enough, kids can be picked to be in the Universal Studios parade. Pretty cool stuff! The parade starts daily at 5 p.m. The route will be clearly marked out on the park map you receive when you enter the park, starting at the Esoteric Pictures gate in Hollywood, between Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show and Cafe La Bamba. Because the parade is an ongoing activity, details and characters featured may change from one visit to the next. More reason to keep up-to-date and visit again.

Or, try to get in the middle of the action. Universal’s Animal Actors show often allows kids from the audience to participate. If you want yours to get in on the fun, try to sit near the aisle and close to the front. This ups their chances of being chosen to participate. Being loud and enthusiastic helps, too.

Rides to Watch Out For

Not all kids like the water rides, but for those who do, Jurassic Park is an amazing experience. It starts slowly at first, but becomes quite the adventure as the waterfall begins. If the kids love rides like Splash Mountain or those with sudden drops, this will be a great pick for them. Other rides sure to be loved include Harry Potter, Transformers and The Simpsons.

Food Options

Food choices at Universal Studios may depend on the time of day that you find yourself hungry. Beverly Hills Boulangerie is near the front of the park and great for muffins, breakfast sandwiches and coffee. If you are looking for a family restaurant for a sit-down meal, Louie's Italian is a traditional spot to pick up a few pizzas. Sandwiches and pizzas by the slice are also available.

If It’s Their Birthday

Make sure the world knows! Stop by Guest Relations at Universal Studios and score them a free birthday pin. It’ll be sure to get them special treatment throughout the park. And if it’s your birthday, get the pin for yourself as well. You may see employees waving and wishing you a happy birthday, and you'll get unique experiences on various rides. For example, at Mystic Fountain in the Lost Continent, you will score a special birthday song if they see your birthday pin.

Skip the Line

Certain tickets help you skip the lines, but they cost about double the price of regular tickets, which are pretty expensive in their own right. Better luck is USH Wait Times, a website, as well as a mobile app, that tells you current wait times at different attractions in the park. The website is updated in real time and helps plot your day in the most productive ways. If you don’t get to the park early, go to main attractions like the Harry Potter ride closer to closing time, when lines tend to thin out.