Face Creams That Contain Matrixyl 3000

applying cream #7 image by Adam Borkowski from Fotolia.com

Matrixyl 3000 is a combination of numerous properties, including palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide, which help promote collagen production. In addition to this, it also helps stimulate cells in the skin, which enables them to significantly reduce wrinkles on your face. According to Dermalastyl.com, Matrixyl 3000 was able to achieve a 33 percent decrease in wrinkle density, a 23 percent decrease in the volume of wrinkles and a 20 percent decrease in the depth of wrinkles.


Bellaplex, a product advertised as a "true botox alternative," sells for around $43 per ounce, and in addition to Matrixyl 3000, contains ingredients that help prevent expression lines from developing on your face, as well as helping to reduce wrinkles.

Bellaplex contains four ingredients: Matrixyl 3000, Argireline, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Argireline contains amino acids that help to relax facial muscles and get rid of wrinkles. Collagen replenishes low collagen levels in the skin that decrease as we get older. Hyraluronic acid hydrates the skin by allowing the face to retain water more easily. The combination of these ingredients helps reduce wrinkles.

Isomers Matrixyl 3000 Rejuvenation Serum

With glycerin and linseed oil in the formula as well, this "rejuvenation serum" sells for $30, and is ranked as one of the top-selling Matrixyl 3000 products on the market.

The rejuvenation serum contains the same elements as Bellaplex, plus an addition of tetrapeptide, which helps aid in smoothing wrinkles and skin cushioning. The serum also helps stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, which also aids in smoothing wrinkles.

Your Best Face "Correct"

YBF Correct is extremely expensive, selling for about $150, but it is also the favorite face cream of many consumers. The product utilizes both Matrixyl 3000 and spin trap, which is a molecule known for trapping radicals and prevents them from spinning out of control and damaging skin cells.

The "Correct" line of YBF's products utilizes licorice root extract, which targets dark circles on the face and around the eye, fighting fatigue and age spots. Added in the formula is Eyeseryl, which fights puffy eyes, further helping to keep your face looking younger and healthier.

Nutra-Lift Rejuvenating Therapy

Nutra-Lift's Matrixyl 3000 product is new, and has few reviews from customers. Matrixyl is one of the lesser-active ingredients, mixing with antioxidants marine collagen. It sells for about $51.

Nutra-Life uses natural and organic ingredients of the finest quality, combined with similar ingredients used by other companies (Matrixyl, collagen, etc). Some users have complained of its unappealing odor.

Cellbone Super AOX

With about a 10 percent dose of Matrixyl 3000 in this product, Cellbone Super AOX is very popular among men. Consumers seem to be having great success with it. It sells for about $72.

The ingredients of Cellbone Super AOX are lycopene, Matrixyl, and Omega-3 fish oil. Lycopene is an extremely powerful antioxidant that helps fight damaged cells throughout the body. Mixed with other minor ingredients, the mixture helps prevents premature aging signs and helps protect skin cells from changes in the environment.