How to Make Homemade Herb and Lemon Popcorn

Herb popcorn


Move over, movie theater popcorn!

Our herb lover’s popcorn is loaded with nutrients and flavor -- the perfect treat for your next movie night.

The recipe includes 195 calories; 3.91 grams protein; 11.66 grams total fat; and 26.1 grams total carbohydrates per serving.

Gather fresh bunches of chives, rosemary and parsley, which brim with powerful, antioxidant properties.

You’ll want to finely mince each herb, and then air pop some popcorn. Air-popped popcorn is lower in calories and makes for a quick, whole-grain snack.

Next, spray on cooking spray and then sprinkle on the herbs. Add grated lemon peel, season with salt and toss everything together.

Pop on a movie and enjoy your homemade snack, but be warned: You'll never go back to store-bought popcorn again.

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