10 Nice Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

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If you are growing tired of reading endless lists of things you can do for your boyfriend that sound like they were written by a girl in middle school, try giving a few grown-up options a try. Nice people don’t have to finish last when a little thought is put into doing things that help to lighten his workload and your boyfriend will learn to appreciate all of the not-so-little things you do.

Cook a Gourmet Meal

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Ditch the pizza pockets and Chinese take-out on a “just because” night. For ideas, consider his favorite dish at your usual restaurant, and search for recipes to recreate it.

Leave a Note

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Remind him of you in a nonobtrusive way. If he’s going on a business trip, slip a note in his suitcase. Leave a thank-you note in the seat of his car after you borrow it.

Pay for Dinner

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Every once in a while, show your boyfriend you can meet him halfway on little things. Treat him to dinner every once in a while. He’ll really appreciate the small relief on his wallet, and how responsible you are.

Compliment Him

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It’s important when you dish out compliments to be sincere. If you’re not, he’ll pick up on it immediately and your compliment will have the opposite of the intended effect. Compliment things you really do like about him: his cologne, his work ethic or even his new shirt.

Show Appreciation

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Sometimes when people get comfortable in their relationships, the word “thanks” seems to slip from their vocabulary. Let him know you still notice all he does for you. Thank him for dinner, for holding the door or even just being him.

Go Camping

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Join in on an activity that he is passionate about. It’s great if there are a lot of activities you both enjoy, but maybe there’s one of his that you can give a chance. Go watch his bowling league, or sign up with him for a fishing tournament.

Respect His Space

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Be sure to leave some activities for just him to enjoy. He loves your company, but everyone needs some down time once in a while, and seeing that you respect his “me time” will give him confidence you’re not a stage 5 clinger.

Take Initiative

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Don’t leave all the date planning and vacation booking to him. Plan a couple’s adventure so he can just show up and enjoy the date, instead of stressing about reservations.

Help With Chores

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Every once in a while, save him a little time around his apartment. Whether you clean the apartment, change his oil, have his car detailed or do his laundry, he’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. With one chore out of the way, he’ll have more time to spend with you.

Send a Card

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Everyone loves getting mail. Find a funny or sweet (or both) card and mail it to his house on a random day. It’s sure to brighten his afternoon. If it’s appropriate to send mail to his office, opening a funny card at work is sure to make him smile.