How Do I Know My Wife Is the One for Me?

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If you're unsure whether your wife is truly the one for you, you may wonder what makes anyone feel certain of having met the perfect match. Perhaps the two of you have been having conflicts lately, or you feel confused about her behavior towards you. Maybe you feel in love but wonder if she feels the same way about you. There are some telltale signs that your wife truly is the one for you, and that she will bring you happiness for years to come.

She Accepts You

Your wife will accept you for who you are if she is truly "the one." Instead of having to change to please her, you will be accepted and loved for everything you are, including your flaws. Her admiration of you will be so powerful that it is as if she is awestruck by your presence, according to the staff at eHarmony. Not having to change for the woman you love will take a burden off of your shoulders.

You Share a Vision for the Future

The two of you will be on the "same page" when it comes to your visions for the future. If you desire to live in the suburbs, for example, she will have the same dream and the two of you will work towards getting there. Successful couples usually have more similar priorities than not, according to Leslie Parrott, author of "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts." This goes against the popular notion of "opposites attract."

She Can Delay Gratification

Your wife will be able to postpone what she needs to make her happy if she is the right one for you. Instead of having to have everything her way right now, she will be able to develop a long-term perspective and delay what she desperately wants. A big indicator that she has the emotional maturity to make it through all of life's challenges with you is if she can delay gratification, according to Lind Young, psychologist and relationship coach.

You Share Religions

Your wife is more likely to be the one for you if you have similar values and the same religion. Although religion itself is not the most important thing you should have in common, the rituals that accompany it can make a substantial difference, according to professor of psychology Barbara Fiese, Ph.D. Couples who share religious holiday rituals have more marital satisfaction than those who celebrate religious holidays separately.