What Are the Dangers of Long-Term Love Affairs?

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Conducting extramarital affairs or any affair behind a significant other’s back comes with obvious risks and puts stress on your daily life, as well as the lives of every other person involved. The following consequences might make you reconsider your actions.

Relationship with Spouse or Significant Other

You risk your relationship with your spouse or significant other. No matter whether he discovers your affair, obvious tensions and emotional distance will build in your relationship. And, of course, if your spouse discovers the affair, he will be hurt, will no longer trust you and might reevaluate your relationship.

The Affair

You risk hurting the person you are having an affair with. Over time, she might begin to feel insecure, self-loathing or resentful. Her own significant other or family might suffer by extension.

Professional Reputation

You risk damaging your professional reputation. Your potential for career advancement could be damaged, or you could lose your job if the affair is taking place with a co-worker.


Your friends might lose respect for you if they learn about your affair.

General Effects

Your life might begin to spin out of control because of the complexity of your lies -- or even your own guilt.