What to Do After Hair Dye Makes Your Hair Fall Out


0:05 hi I'm T Cooper I'm in New York City

0:08 makeup artist hair stylist and

0:09 co-founder of beauty and grooming

0:11 company Metro look today we are going to

0:13 talk about a question one of you

0:15 recently asked me which was what to do

0:17 after dye makes my hair fall out there

0:20 are several things that could happen

0:21 with dyeing your hair that would make it

0:23 fall out maybe it was over processed it

0:26 might have been left on too long

0:27 sometimes um you don't wait enough time

0:31 in between another process or another

0:34 color sometimes you got your hair

0:35 colored you don't wait enough time you

0:36 want to dye it another color you do it

0:38 and then that makes it fall out or you

0:40 get something like a relaxer or a perm

0:43 and then you try to dye your hair

0:45 shortly after

0:46 that'll make it fall out but the most

0:48 common reason I see hair falling out

0:50 after dyeing is they don't take care of

0:53 the dye when you dye your hair

0:55 it strips off a lot of your natural

0:58 color like especially if you go from

1:00 very dark to very light like a lot of

1:02 girls I see now getting ombre it'll be

1:05 darker up here and then the ends are

1:07 lighter and then the ends will feel like

1:09 freakin straw that's because you

1:11 stripped all of the color off the hair

1:14 so now you really really have to

1:16 condition it so if your hair falls out

1:19 after dye first thing you need to do is

1:21 you probably need to go see your

1:23 beautician and get your hair trimmed

1:25 because this is falling out in different

1:27 spots you want to either even it out or

1:30 try to do a cute little cut that's going

1:32 to look good on you

1:33 so that while you're trying to grow your

1:36 hair back your hair still looks good and

1:37 it's somewhat healthy another thing

1:40 you're going to want to do is you're

1:41 going to want to make sure that you do

1:43 conditioning treatments in your hair

1:46 like you could use a conditioner such as

1:49 this one it's a argan oil based and what

1:52 you could do after you wash your hair so

1:54 you can put some rub the product all

1:58 throughout your hair saturate your hair

2:01 from root to tip

2:06 and then make sure that you get the

2:08 product throughout the hair evenly and

2:10 then since your hair has been damaged

2:12 from the dye you want to let it sit on

2:15 there for a long time like let it sit on

2:18 there for about 30 minutes I would do I

2:22 would do about 30 minutes once or twice

2:24 a week just to condition your hair and

2:26 to fortify your hair another thing you

2:28 need to do is use protein products any

2:31 like protein pack or even protein spray

2:34 anything to strengthen your hair because

2:36 if it's a breaking off it's breaking off

2:38 because it's dry and it's breaking off

2:40 because it's weak so I say you need to

2:41 get a trim and then do some treatments

2:44 that'll make your hair nice and strong

2:46 and also treatments that will keep your

2:48 hair nice and conditioned because

2:50 usually it's the dryness that makes your

2:51 hair fall out after dying I'm tee Cooper

2:54 and thank you for watching bye

3:01 you