What Is Vegemite?

by Maya Black ; Updated September 28, 2017

Vegemite spread on piece of toast

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In the 1980s, the Australian band Men at Work had U.S. music listeners pondering the definition of Vegemite, having mentioned the quintessentially Australian product in their hit song "Land Down Under." As the song indicates, Vegemite is a spread used on sandwiches. The dark-brown paste has a tangy, bitter flavor.

It Comes From Yeast

Vegemite, made from brewer's yeast and touted for its high nutritional content, enhances the flavor of sandwiches. You can use Vegemite to add interest to a normally ho-hum slice of bread and butter or spread it on a bun to boost the taste of a run-of-the-mill burger. The product is sold in small brown jars, and you most likely can find it among the imported items at your local supermarket. Marmite, a similar product commonly used in the United Kingdom and sold in the United States, is very similar to Vegemite in taste and texture.

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