How to Make Hummus With Roasted Carrots

Roasted carrot hummus

Yasmin Fahr/

If you’re a fan of hummus, you’ll love this even lighter version made with roasted carrots instead of garbanzo beans (aka chick peas). It’s a refreshing, lower-calorie dip that you can easily whip up in no time. All you need is a blender and a few good-for-you ingredients.

This simple recipe involves two steps: baking the carrots, then blending the ingredients.

Begin by tossing 1 pound of whole carrots -- rich in vitamins and minerals -- with savory ingredients, including red pepper flakes and cumin, which aids with digestion and can improve immunity. Roast the carrots in the oven to soften -- the process should take about only 20 minutes, and leaves you with a creamier, slightly sweeter form of the vegetable.

Then, toss the carrots and the rest of your ingredients into a blender and pulse until smooth. Add water until the mixture reaches your desired consistency.

You can enjoy this nutritious dip alongside pita chips and cut-up vegetables, or use it as a spread. Serve it at your next get-together -- your guests will be wowed by the dip’s vibrant color and flavor.

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