What Is Egg Coagulation?


0:00 the AG is truly an amazing structure it

0:05 has various layers each contributing

0:07 differently to the overall makeup of the

0:10 egg the major component of the egg is

0:13 the egg white or called the albumin the

0:17 albumin is the major source of the eggs

0:20 riboflavin and protein then there's the

0:24 egg yolk which is the major source of

0:27 the egg for vitamins minerals and fat

0:30 when we start to talk about coagulation

0:33 it's the coagulation of the white and

0:36 the yolk that we're discussing now you

0:39 must know that coagulation is not only

0:43 affected by heat but is also caused by

0:47 heat coagulation in very simple terms

0:50 meaning that you take something chain

0:53 that changes from a liquid form into a

0:56 more solid or thicker mass now eggs are

1:01 made up of protein molecules and each of

1:04 these protein molecules is made up of

1:06 many strands when the egg is raw these

1:09 strands are stuck together and the egg

1:13 in its liquid form looks very

1:15 transparent as an egg is heated the

1:19 coagulation begins when the protein

1:22 molecules in the egg white and the egg

1:25 yolk start to thicken or coagulate and

1:28 it becomes a more firmer mass and as

1:34 heating continues then the egg changes

1:36 into a solid now you can observe this

1:39 any day whenever you decide to poach an

1:43 egg or whether you decide to scramble an

1:46 egg or maybe you decide to make any kind

1:50 of pies that require an egg base or a

1:53 custard type base my favorite or

1:56 chocolate cream pies and it requires

1:58 taking the egg yolks and mixing them

2:00 with sugar and then as you cook them

2:01 they become very thick and they start to

2:04 coagulate there's lots of other things

2:07 that coagulate milk for one when it gets

2:11 warm

2:12 and so those are that's a little bit

2:15 about coagulation and more specifically

2:17 about what is egg coagulation