What Is a Blue & Gold Banquet?

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The Blue and Gold Banquet is an important annual event for Cub Scout troops. It is held every February during Scouting Anniversary Week, and is the Cub Scout pack's birthday celebration.


To allow plenty of time to prepare for the banquet, the planning should begin six to eight weeks in advance. A special committee of adults is responsible for planning the banquet, with input from members of the pack.


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Packs may choose to make the Blue and Gold Banquet a potluck affair, or a special committee of parents can prepare the food. The attending families share the cost of the meal.


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Banquet decorations may be very simple, even prepared by the scouts, or they may be more elaborate. Even when adults prepare the decorations, the scouts should participate to some extent in their design and construction.

Entertainment and Guests

Cub scout packs often invite community leaders and former pack members to attend the banquet. Sometimes the planning committee hires special entertainment for the evening, but entertainment supplied by the scouts is preferable.

Togetherness and Awards

During the banquet, families and pack members have an opportunity to bond with each other and develop a sense of community. Awards recognizing each pack member's achievements during the year are another important element of the Blue and Gold Banquet.