What Are the Differences Between the Models of Tassimo Coffee Makers?

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Tassimo coffee makers produce specialty coffees, standard drip brews, hot chocolate and even tea -- all from a single machine. All models are fully automated, self-cleaning, require little heat-up time, and feature removable cup stands and water tanks. The differences between the Tassimo coffee makers are only in the type of water filter available and the option to “intensify” the final product. Otherwise, the differences are primarily cosmetic -- size and color.

All About the Water

While you can add filtered water to the water tank of any Tassimo, only the Tassimo Charmy and the Tassimo Fidelia offer a built-in water filter. This filter is a Brita, so it can only accept new filters of the same brand name. The water tanks of the coffee makers range from 0.8 to 1.4 litres. The larger the tank, the less often you have to re-fill the tank.

Intensity and Display

All Tassimo coffee makers are pre-programmed to produce the same product on each machine if you are using the same T-disk. However, the Tassimo Charmy allows for variation of intensity in the final product. This is achieved by using less water, leading to a stronger tasting product if desired. The Charmy also has a light for the cup stand and a multi-lingual LCD screen.

Cosmetic Differences

The primary differences between Tassimo coffee makers are cosmetic, including the available colors and overall size of each machine. All machines are available in standard black, while other colors include grey, white, red, dark purple and silver. Color kits are also available for certain makers, allowing you to customize yours to blue, yellow or brown. The machines range in size from roughly 6 to 14 inches high.

T-Disk Options

All Tassimo coffee makers use the same T-disks, the small pucks filled with the brewing material, whether it's coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a specialty drink. The range of drinks include different types of specialty coffees, from single shot espresso to cappuccinos, to decaf drip coffee, to a variety of different teas, including Earl Grey and and chai lattes. Flavored coffees, such as caramel macchiato, are also available. All Tassimo coffee makers read the barcode printed on individual T-disks, letting the machine know the precise amount of water and water temperature at which to brew the beverages.