Uses of White Vinegar for Hair


0:05 hello welcome to the kitchen I'm your

0:07 kitchen beautician Robin McDonald

0:09 today's video is how to use white wine

0:12 vinegar in the hair no matter what your

0:15 goal is for your hair whether it's shine

0:18 enhance highlights control and oily

0:21 scalp white wine vinegar is unmatched

0:24 and it's antibacterial and clarifying

0:26 properties you're going to love it so

0:28 these these treatments would be used in

0:31 the shower between shampooing and

0:33 conditioning so it's the final rinse we

0:36 say in the cleansing process of your

0:39 hair so you definitely would want to do

0:40 this before you put your conditioner on

0:43 now in order to enhance shine in the

0:47 hair take a half a cup this is actually

0:50 a cup in here of vinegar but you're

0:52 going to want to use a half a cup of

0:53 vinegar and hot water add about a half a

0:57 cup of hot water to that so you've got a

1:00 half a cup of your white wine vinegar

1:01 and a cup of hot water and steep four or

1:05 five chamomile tea bags into the

1:08 solution once it's cool enough to pour

1:12 over your head you know take it into the

1:14 shower with you

1:15 I love these mixing cups that are shaped

1:18 sort of like a beaker they're easy to

1:20 pour of course you don't want to use

1:21 glass ever in the bathroom so you can

1:24 easily find a plastic version of this

1:27 which is much better to use in the

1:28 bathroom so that would be for enhancing

1:31 shine in the hair now if you want to

1:34 enhance your highlights you can add

1:36 white wine vinegar to your shampoo so in

1:40 this case you'd only be using maybe two

1:43 tablespoons per shampoo and just mix it

1:47 up pour it into your shampoo and rinse

1:49 out completely and move on to your

1:52 conditioning routine the third step I

1:56 really love it's so active it is

2:00 probably one of the best remedies out

2:02 there for controlling oily scalp and

2:06 oily hair and to think you can throw it

2:08 together in your own kitchen for no

2:10 money okay you're going to just want to

2:13 take a grater

2:14 I love these long-handled ones and just

2:16 lets get a little bit of orange zest

2:18 into a cup of vinegar love that and

2:26 lemon and you know I love my citrus

2:29 because of the antibacterial properties

2:33 and the exfoliating properties natural

2:36 in citrus I like to take a handy whisk

2:44 always just you know you don't have to

2:46 go crazy with this just want to release

2:48 the oils in the citrus and then take it

2:52 into the shower with you again just like

2:54 you did before shampoo maybe towel dry

2:57 blot the hair a little bit pour this

3:00 over leave it on the scalp five to ten

3:02 minutes the longer the better it's going

3:04 to stimulate the scalp a little bit but

3:06 that's fine it's just doing its job

3:07 rinse completely and move on to your

3:10 conditioning treatment you know it's

3:13 amazing you're going to find that when

3:15 you're using ingredients that you can

3:17 make your own hair products with that

3:19 you're going to find that they're much

3:21 more active and beneficial than the

3:24 commercial formulas that are out there

3:26 that still utilize a lot of sulfates and

3:29 things that you absolutely don't need so

3:31 for a clean clarified lustrous buoyant

3:35 hair reach for your white wine vinegar

3:38 thanks again everyone I'm Robin McDonald

3:41 your kitchen beautician please visit me

3:43 at Beauty Highway calm and have a great

3:45 day

3:48 you