How to Use Joy Instead of Dawn to Kill Fleas

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Fleas are parasites that feed on warm blooded mammals. Fleas can cause a variety of problems in pets including skin irritation, allergic reactions, tapeworms and anemia. When you see adult fleas crawling on your pet it's only a symptom of a much bigger problem. One adult flea could mean there are eggs, larvae and cocoons in the surrounding environment. When you notice fleas on your pet, make an appointment to talk to your vet about flea control methods. In the meantime, take the first step in flea control, and give your pet a flea bath with Joy dish washing liquid.

Draw your pet a warm bath. Before putting your pet in, check with your wrist or elbow to make sure the temperature of the water is not to hot. Place a clean towel nearby to dry your pet with after the bath.

Place your pet in the bath and wet his neck with water. Pour a few drops of Joy dish washing liquid in your hands and add water to get a good lather. Start at the neck and gently massage the lather onto your pet's skin. Beginning at the neck will prevent the fleas from migrating to the ears, eyes and face, where it will be difficult for you to wash without getting soap in his eyes.

Wet the rest of your pet's body and work your lather from the neck down. Maintain a consistent lather throughout his body. Leave the Joy soap on your pet for five minutes.

Rinse your pet well so you don't leave any Joy soap behind because this could irritate his skin. Apply a normal hair conditioner to moisturize his fur and keep his scalp from drying. Leave on for one minute and then rinse.

Dry your pet with a towel and comb through his fur with a flea comb to comb out any dead fleas.