How Do I Suffocate Head Lice Nits With Hair Conditioner?

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Head lice are small insects that can completely infest a human's body. The nits are tiny and appear as small specs to the human eye. A nit is the egg of the parasite that stays on a human's body until it is either removed or until it hatches. The insects can bite, burrow and spread diseases when they attach themselves to their hosts. Head lice can spread through use of the same bedding and hats and close quarters between two people in facilities such as schools and day cares. Use regular, everyday hair conditioner to suffocate and help remove the nits from your hair.

Apply a liberal amount of hair conditioner to dry hair. Put the hair conditioner in the palm of your hand and work your hands through the hair starting at the roots and working your way down. Cover the person's head of hair completely and massage the conditioner into the scalp with your fingers.

Use a regular comb and remove all tangles from her hair. This will make it easier to run a nit comb through his hair without hurting her. Removing nits from a head of hair does not have to be painful. The conditioner and using a regular comb first will help reduce painful pulling when the nit comb is used.

Use a nit comb to comb through his hair. A small flea comb can also be used if you do not have a nit comb. Sterilize the flea comb in boiling water before using it. Separate a section of hair out from his head. Start on one side of the head and run the nit comb through the hair from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Remove conditioner and nits from the comb by using white tissue paper. The white tissue paper allows you to see if you are removing anything from the hair. Repeat the process through the whole head of hair.

Wash her hair to remove the hair conditioner. Repeat the process daily until all signs of the nits are gone.