How Do I Use Lice Treatment With Permed Hair?

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The majority of marketed lice removal treatments are not intended for use with permed hair. A strange irony, as perm solution can be used to remove lice in the first place. Unless you want to reperm your hair, you will need to carefully check to see which lice removal products are safe for chemically treated hair. Happyheads, Liceadex and Lice Free offer nontoxic treatments that are safer for chemically treated hair. To increase the chances you've eliminated the infestation in permed hair, ask someone to help apply the treatment as well as go through your hair with a fine-toothed comb to remove additional lice, nits and eggs.

Apply the nontoxic treatment over the entire head of the infected person following the specific directions of the selected treatment. Pay close attention to the nape of the neck and ears. Rinse out the treatment as directed.

Cover the infected person with a towel or sheet. Apply conditioner immediately all throughout the hair of the infected person. Coat the hair from the top of the scalp to the tips.

Detangle the hair with a pick. For long hair, clip hair toward the top of the head.

Select a small section of hair, approximately the width of the comb. Insert the comb as close as possible to the scalp and pull it toward you to bring lice and nits away from the infected person's scalp. Dip the comb in soapy water. Use tissues to clean up debris or lice from the comb or from the towel or sheet. Make sure the comb is free of lice and nits before starting another section.

Repeat combing small sections until completed. Flush the contents of the dipping bowl down the toilet, along with any flushable material used to clean up lice and nit debris. Wash the sheet or towel thoroughly in hot water in case any eggs fell on the material. Soak the comb in hot water mixed with ammonia for 15 minutes.