How to Wash Out an Ear With Warm Water

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Ear wax is a part of life with which everyone must deal. Secreted from the cerumun glands in the ear canal, the liquid that forms ear wax is sticky and coats the canal to trap foreign matter. The resulting wax is a combination of the secreted liquid, skin cells, hair and other matter. Although not a wax, the texture and appearance closely resembles candle wax. Removing accumulated ear wax is necessary for proper ear health.

Run water until it is warm and not hot.

Remove the piston from the syringe body by pulling straight out.

Fill the syringe body with the warm water and place the piston back into the syringe body. Push the piston forward to push out any air trapped in the syringe body.

Position the ear over the sink with running water. Tilt the ear to be cleaned down so water will run from the ear and into the sink after cleaning.

Place the tip of the syringe body just outside the ear canal. Push the plunger with a firm and steady pressure to inject the water into the ear canal. Use steady pressure and avoid short rapid bursts of water.

Fill the syringe and repeat if all of the ear wax was not removed. Repeat the process several times to remove a wax blockage in the canal.