Types of Western Dresses

Hispanic girl with pretty dress image by studio vision1 from Fotolia.com

Commonly seen on the rodeo circuit or country western bars, western dresses are easy to spot. The fabric, designs and unique construction that give them that western edge follow some general guidelines. Learn about types of western dresses and consider picking up a fun new look.

Denim Western Dresses

Denim dresses are a common western style. The fabric gives a denim dress western flair. Some denim dresses are designed like a long shirtdress. These can be worn with a belt around the waist and a big western belt buckle for an added touch. Denim dresses can be made from white denim, black or the classic blue jean color. Pair with cowboy boots, a flattering cowboy hat and turquoise jewelry for a completely western look, or keep it more subtle and choose just one or two western elements.

Patterned Western Dresses

Gingham is known for its western roots. Gingham dresses are typically short and can be worn with a short petticoat. These make excellent square dancing outfits. Look for a ruffled placket and a ruffle at the bottom for an authentic western design. Southwestern patterned dresses are another example of how the fabric choice alone can maintain a western look, regardless of how the dress is designed. Dresses that incorporate plaid or bandanna print fabric are also a typically western look.
Novelty western fabric is sometimes seen in western dresses. A lasso print skirt paired with a solid bodice, or wild horses as an overall pattern can be easily broken up with a short bolero jacket or western-style vest over the top.

Long Western Dresses

Wedding dresses are a popular long western dress. White cotton eyelet with lots of ruffles is a western look, as well as a denim wedding dress with a tight corset denim bodice and a train.

Long dresses are a traditional western look. The tops may be designed like a corset or a halter top with the skirt portion flowing to the floor. Often the top of a long western dress is designed like a heavily decorated western wear button-down shirt, with lace and ruffles at the placket and collar. The long skirt hangs straight down to the midcalf or to the floor for traditional woman's western attire. Heavy embroidery creates a masterpiece on long western dresses. Some of the stunning needlework patterns include beading, fringe or rhinestones. Vintage western dresses can be found with these extra touches that make the dresses extra special.