Tricks for Air Drying Your Hair


0:04 hi everyone I'm hairstyles Amanda

0:07 Shackleton and today I'm going to show

0:08 you some tricks on how to dry your hair

0:10 without a blow dryer so what I like to

0:14 do is just take small sections starting

0:17 at the back of the hair give it a little

0:19 bit of spray gel and then just scrunch

0:22 it up with my fingers just like that

0:24 just keeps crunching and scrunching I

0:27 take it and just kind of bring my

0:29 fingers through it like that just to let

0:31 the air pass through the hair and while

0:33 it does that it's going to dry the hair

0:35 on the roots and then work your way all

0:38 the way down okay you'll take another

0:43 section just continue on down like that

0:45 taking sections but you want to take a

0:47 medium-sized section not too small it

0:49 will take you forever if you make it too

0:50 big it's going to take too long to dry

0:52 to take another section give it a quick

0:55 spritz kind of fluff it up in your

0:59 fingers a little bit just like that give

1:02 it a little shake from the root to let

1:04 the air through and just continue all

1:09 the way down now when you get to the top

1:12 you want to make sure because you want

1:14 to get a little bit of body on top you

1:15 want to make sure to put a little bit of

1:17 that gel right at the roots and then

1:22 again with your hands just kind of move

1:27 it back like that another trick you can

1:29 do is to flip your head over flip it

1:31 over really quick give it a good shake

1:32 and then shake it back but just continue

1:35 every couple of minutes with your

1:36 fingers to kind of fluff up your hair a

1:38 little bit like that and really work on

1:40 the roots so that the air can get to the

1:42 roots and your hair will dry really

1:45 really naturally and really really

1:46 beautifully and you won't have to worry

1:49 about the heat from a blow dryer on your

1:51 hair I'm Amanda shackleton from NY

1:54 bridal beauty and I've just shown you

1:55 how to air dry your hair

1:58 you