Treatments for Coarse Facial Hair

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Every person, male and female, has facial hair. According to the website Life’s Little Mysteries, androgens, a type of hormone, cause body hair to grow. Higher levels of androgens cause the growth of facial hair on all men and even some women. While some individuals enjoy having coarse facial hair, not all welcome it. Treatments for coarse facial hair range in method and permanency.


One of the oldest methods to treat coarse facial hair, electrolysis is a hair removal process that destroys the hair follicle using chemical or heat energy. Electrologists are professionals who perform electrolysis treatments by inserting a thin probe or needle into a hair follicle at the surface of an individual’s skin, according to Medicine Net. The probe sends an electric current to the follicle, destroying it. The electrologist then removes the hair with a pair of tweezers. Although electrolysis is a method that can permanently remove facial hair, treatment may take several weeks depending on the amount of hair an individual wishes to remove.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses a laser beam, which passes through an individual’s skin and into a hair follicle to destroy it. The laser’s heat damages the hair follicle and slows the growth of hair. The Mayo Clinic states that laser hair removal works best on individuals who have dark hair and light skin. Additionally, this treatment option does not necessarily provide a permanent solution to coarse facial hair. Rather, those who receive laser treatments will find it takes longer for their hair to grow back. After the initial treatments of laser hair removal, the Mayo Clinic states an individual may need “periodic maintenance treatments.”


The use of melted wax to remove coarse facial hair is a temporary treatment method that lasts up to six weeks, according to iVillage. An individual can apply a wax treatment to coarse facial hair at home or employ the services of an esthetician at a salon. Waxing hair removal involves spreading wax, which is usually hot, over the area of the face you wish to remove hair. Then, the person doing the treatment applies a strip of cloth over the wax, presses down on the cloth so the wax sticks to it and quickly pulls on the piece of cloth in the direction opposite of the hair’s growth. Pulling on the cloth removes the wax from the skin and pulls the hairs the wax covered out by the roots.