Tipping for Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to laser hair removal treatments, many consumers are unsure as to whether or not they should tip for this service. Some view it as a medical procedure and refrain from tipping; some feel that with the cost of treatment, tipping the proper percentage seems like way too much; and some feel that even though it is a service, tipping is unnecessary. Here are some guidelines that will allow you to feel confident about tipping for laser hair removal treatments.

Research your state guidelines. Tipping for laser hair removal can be a tricky business for some. Throughout the United States, there are different regulations for laser hair removal depending on what state you live in. While some individuals will be visiting a doctor’s office for their treatments, others will be going to a salon. Laser hair removal is largely viewed as a medical procedure no matter who is performing the treatment. Individuals wouldn’t think to give their doctors, dentists or dermatologists a tip, so the logical thought process would be to not give your laser technician a tip either.

Find out average pay scale for laser technicians. In the United States it is common practice to tip certain individuals based on their pay rate. Servers and bartenders make much less than minimum wage per hour of work, therefore they rely largely on their tips for survival. In the laser business, doctors, nurses, medical aestheticians and laser technicians are paid well above minimum wage, therefore tips are not something they require.

Do the math. Average tipping scale in the United States is 20 percent. If you pay for a full legs laser hair removal package, you’re shelling out in upwards of $2,000 to $3,000. Twenty percent of $3,000 is $600; that is way too much for a tip. If you feel it necessary to tip your laser technician, tip like you would a hair dresser, $5 or $10 is more than enough for the time they devoted to your treatment.

Check the signs. Oftentimes, so that clients don’t feel obligated to tip, laser centers will post notices stating that you are not required to tip. On the other hand, if centers do accept tips, they’ll have something posted that says: gratuity not included in treatments. If you visit a center and do not see a sign posted, feel free to ask anyone working about their tipping policies. Knowing up front will save a lot of time and aggravation wondering whether or not to tip.

Ask friends and family. If you are new to laser hair removal and are unsure as to whether or not you should tip, ask those who have already undergone treatment. They’ll be able to share with you whether or not tipping is necessary at the particular facility you are going to visit.