Things to Say in a Thank You Card

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We have all heard the expression, "If you can't say something good, then say nothing at all." This does not hold true for thank-you cards. Even when a gift does not meet your expectations, a prompt thank you will keep you in good graces with the giver. A few handwritten words are a thoughtful way to respond to any gift.


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Money is probably the best gift that people receive, and certainly there is never a need to exchange for a different size or color. Whenever you thank people for the gift of money you should not mention the dollar amount. Instead, express how grateful you are of their generous gift. If you have a specific idea for how the money is going to be spent, pass this on to the giver. You might say there is a beautiful coat that was out of your price range and their gift of money will allow you to buy the coat. You may be saving for something in the future, and their gift will go into a special savings account for that purpose. It is not a good idea to say that the money is going toward the electric bill or you intend on using it for another person.

An article of clothing that you love is easy to be thankful for. Mention the beautiful color or that the size was perfect. Tell the giver they have a knack for selecting just the appropriate style. If you have received compliments when you wear the clothing let them know that as well.

Gifts that do not exactly appeal to us still need a thank-you note. Those may be more difficult to write, but if you say the gift is unique or something you would have never thought to pick out, you can remain truthful in your note.

Trying to find the perfect gift can be exhausting. Tell givers you appreciate the time that was spent in selecting their gift to you.

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Newspaper and mail carriers also deserve a thank you for loyal service. Express your gratitude for their efforts to deliver in a timely manner under all types of weather conditions. Helpful neighbors that look after your animals may enjoy a thank-you card from your pet or a card from you saying how much their deeds are appreciated.