Things to Do With an Itchy Scarf

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Many scarves are made from natural fibers that can be itchy and cause irritation to your skin. Some scarf materials, especially scarves made from wool or wool-based materials, can be scratchier than others. Much like human hair, the fibers in itchy scarf materials require special care in order to retain and improve softness.


Vinegar helps to reduce the itchiness of both woolen and cotton scarf material against your skin. Add two cups of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle of the wash when you do your laundry. The end result should be that your scarf is a lot softer and will be less irritating and scratchy on your skin when you wear it. Wash woolen scarves as you would normally before rinsing in vinegar to not only soften the material, but also help to restore the pH balance.


Washing itchy scarves in conditioner, especially scarves made from woolen materials, is a useful way to help get rid of scratchiness and add extra softness to the yarn. Consider finishing your laundry wash with a small amount of mild hair conditioner. Spread between two and six tablespoons of hair conditioner mixed with a tiny amount of water over the entire scarf material, making sure to get right between the fibers. Leave the conditioner to soak into the scarf for a few minutes before rinsing the scarf thoroughly with water. Towel-dry your scarf and leave it laying flat to finishing drying completely.


Glycerin will help to take the itchiness out from woolen and wool blended scarves that can cause irritation to your skin. Purchase glycerin, which is available in pharmacies and supermarkets in the department of lotions and creams. Hand-wash your scarf in lukewarm or cool water. Add two to three tablespoons of the glycerin to the water and wash thoroughly. Avoid stretching or shrinkage by laying your scarf out flat to dry completely.


If your scarf continues to remain too itchy and uncomfortable to wear, consider recycling it into a useful, decorative craft. Decorate your home by draping your scarf over a lampshade, the back of a chair, over a window rod as a window valance or over the edges of a shelving display as a charming embellishment. Reuse your scarf as a table runner or as a feature in a table decoration. Consider framing your scarf to create an unusual and appealing work of art or hanging it to create an ornamental wall display.