The Best Ways to Mail Men's Ties Images

Whether you’re a devoted U.S. Postal Service user or you refuse to trust your packages to any carrier but FedEx or UPS, the ties you’re preparing to mail need some TLC before you put the package into the shipper's hands. Wrap them in tissue paper before placing them into a sturdy box or employ a fun packaging alternative if you believe the wrapping should be as clever as the gift.

Use a Thick Piece of Cardboard

You’ll be able to mail a single tie fairly easily in a large, bubble-cushioned jet pack if you wrap it in tissue paper and then wind it tightly around a thick piece of cardboard that's cut to fit the envelope. This method has been used for centuries by textile manufacturers who still wrap fabric around cardboard cores so it ships efficiently. The tie could suffer a crease en route to its destination, but it should easily be steamed out.

Roll the Tie Into a Mailing Tube

In case you haven’t checked out the wide variety of mailing tubes at a local office supply store, you’re in for a surprise. A thick, short mailing tube makes an ideal vehicle to get a tie from one point to another without causing a single wrinkle. Wrap the tie in tissue paper and then roll it up tightly like a jellyroll. Slide the roll into a large, short mailing tube, snap on the end caps and you can literally slap a mailing label on the outside of the tube and pop it into the mail.

Invest in a Travel Tie Case

If you’ve already splurged on a nice tie as a gift for someone you care about, further endear yourself to the recipient by adding a tie case to the present. Pick the size, material and price tag that applies – go with a designer label and finely tanned leather and you’ll spend hundreds. Fold the tie into the case using the bands or grips built in to hold it in place and then close the zipper or Velcro tab(s). Box and mail using the box sold with the case. Sending more than one tie? Open your wallet and buy a six-tie Hermes Ties Only Travel Case. This folding holster goes from baggage claim to hotel closet in one fell swoop and it mails inside a U.S. Postal Service one-price outer box just as efficiently.

Use an Inexpensive Tie Box

Travel stores carry a fascinating mix of innovative products, but few offer more bang for the buck than the small round $6 tie cases that look suspiciously like oversized Big Mac or wristwatch boxes. Find sells these inexpensive little tie boxes, but you’re sure to find a comparable one at your local travel gadget shop. Pick one up, roll up the tie and tuck it into the box. Mail in an outer box if you like, though these are sturdy enough to mail solo.