The Best Way to Store Tea Bags

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Tea is a great beverage at any time of the day, and fortunately for lovers of the brew, many varieties are available. It's important, though, to keep tea bags as fresh as possible. Two kinds of containers can do the job nicely.

Tin Containers

Purchase a container that will protect tea bags from outside odors and maintain their freshness. The container should be airtight, according to Tin containers are ideal, because odors cannot penetrate the container, and they have lids that shut tight. Some tin containers are specifically made to store tea bags. You can find them at a home goods store or various department stores.

Ceramic Containers

Purchase a ceramic container, where tea will be kept cool and free of moisture, which can ruin it. Ceramic containers are ideal for tea bags because their lids seal tightly.


Exposing tea bags to air and light can ruin the taste when you are ready to brew. Light can degrade the color of tea and can also affect the taste, according to Keep each kind of tea in its own container. Tea can absorb the flavor of other teas. For example, if you store English breakfast tea and herbal tea together, the breakfast tea can absorb the flavor and aroma of the herbal tea.