Rival Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Food Sealer Instructions

by Julie Richards

Items you will need

  • Rival Food Sealer
  • Food-sealing bags

Vacuum sealing foods will keep out unwanted bacteria. The Rival Seal-A-Meal Vacuum Food Sealer allows foods to stay fresh. It also prevents freezer burn on meats and other foods stored in the freezer. There are many uses for the food sealer besides preserving food. A vacuum-sealed bag acts as the perfect dry box for on board a boat. Certain camping gear like matches can be kept dry when stored in vacuum-sealed plastic.

Step 1

Insert the items to be stored into the bag. Allow at least 3 inches of clearance from contents to the top of the bag.

Step 2

Move the Lock 'n Seal nozzle lever forward. Now insert the nozzle into the bag, making sure the left edge of the bag is lined up with the edge of the nozzle.

Step 3

Push down the nozzle. This will secure the bag. You must make certain the bag is straight.

Step 4

Press down firmly on both sides of the lid. Both sides of the lid should lock into place. If the lid is not secured properly, the machine will not work.

Step 5

Press the Vacuum Button and hold it down. The sealer will automatically start vacuuming out the air. Once the air is out, the sealing process will begin. When both the vacuum and sealer lights are no longer lit, the sealing process is complete.

Step 6

Open the lid by pushing the lid release button. Release the bag by pulling the nozzle lever forward.


  • By pressing the vacuum seal button and immediately pressing the sealing button, soft foods like cake will be sealed but not damaged. Freeze sauces or other liquids before sealing. This keeps spills to a minimum.


  • The sealing strip will remain hot for several seconds after use. Use caution when working with the machine to avoid burns.

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