Temporary Flooring Ideas for Portable Gazebos

gazebo image by pearlguy from Fotolia.com

Portable gazebos are ideal for traveling events, parties and temporary yard decor. The type of flooring you select for your portable gazebo depends on the floor's intended use and how long you need the flooring to last. One of the best resources for temporary flooring is your local theatrical supply house as these establishments specialize in easy-to-install yet durable items. Ensure you have a flat, clean surface before you lay any floor type in your portable gazebo.

Rubber Mats

Interlocking rubber mats, often called "Puzzle mats," are an excellent asset for your gazebo if you expect heavy traffic, such as when the gazebo is used for a children's party or a sales event. Some styles can be cut to fit the shape of your gazebo, so if you are using the gazebo multiple times, purchasing rather than renting is your best option to custom cut the tiles. If renting is better for your budget, find out the brand of mats your rental location carries, and rent the main floor area covering, purchasing only the mats you need to cut. Rubber mats come in a wide range of colors and finishes and are even available with wood laminate surfaces for a more upscale look. For children's events, mix various bright colors together to make the gazebo look festive and exciting.

Rolled Floors

Rolled flooring is available from theatrical supply houses and may include a type of vinyl commonly called "marley," as well as studio flooring. Marley is most often used for ballet and modern dance, but only use it if your gazebo will experience light traffic and dance shoes or clean street shoes. Rolled floors work well for weddings if only the wedding party will be in the gazebo or if you are hosting a dance performance in which the gazebo is used as a stage. Vinyl flooring is attached with vinyl tape; the flooring must be stretched as it is rolled out to prevent wrinkles and bubbles. Studio flooring is intended for theatrical and film or TV sets and often comes in a peel-and-stick format. The flooring will stay in place and hold up well under moderate foot traffic and comes in a variety of styles and colors; you can discard the flooring after use. No special tools are required other than a sharp matt or carpet knife for trimming.

Floating Locking Laminates

Use laminate flooring, available from most home improvement stores, for your temporary gazebo if cost is not an issue. Choose "floating" style flooring, which does not require attachment to the floor, and choose a type of laminate that locks together for the sturdiest surface. Cut the flooring to the gazebo's shape with standard woodworking tools. You can tape the edges into place for a finished look once the floor is laid, or attach trim using screws that remove once your event is complete. Laminate flooring works well if you want to store the flooring for use in the same gazebo at multiple events as it will hold up under most kinds of foot traffic if you use a quality laminate and will last a long time if stored in a dry area.