How to Tell If Your Boyfriend Really Loves You

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Every girl wonders at some point in her relationship if her boyfriend really loves her. Here are some steps to follow to see if his love is true.

Check to see if your boyfriend calls you a lot, or texts. Now if he does it CONSTANTLY, that can get a little freaky and you should slowly step away from the boyfriend! However, he should call/text you at least once a day. These calls should be meaningful. See how many times he really calls to check up on you or see how you are doing.

Next, see WHEN and HOW OFTEN your boyfriend actually wants to hold your hand. If he will only hold it when other people are around, he might not really love you. Yes, he may still have feelings for you, but those aren't grown up feelings that he is ready to share with the world. If he holds it a great deal, and around many people this is a very good sign indeed!

Next, take note of how often your boyfriend touches you. No, I don't mean touching you in a dirty way! Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about little meaningful touches like touching your hair, the side of your face, your back, your arm. Does he ever just take your hand when he is talking to you? If he does, this is a sign that he likes to be close to you. Of course, he may just not be a touchy feely kinda guy and that is quite okay.

Next ask him how he feels about dating other people. If he is interested in the idea that he might get to date around and still have you, he does NOT love you. If he turns down the offer to date other people, then he surely loves you.

This last step can be kind of tricky. If you are sexually active with your boyfriend, try telling him that you have decided that you do not want to have sex for a while. If he questions why, tell him that you want to focus on other parts of your relationship for the time being, and leave the sex for later. If he really, honestly, truly loves you, he will say okay to this and will stick with you through it. If he does NOT say okay, that is the biggest sign for you that he does NOT love you!

And if you are not sexually active yet, but might soon become sexually active, tell him that you don't want to anytime soon, even throw in the phrase "not until marriage." See how he reacts to it.

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