Tailgate Party Game Ideas

football image by sonya etchison from Fotolia.com

Getting there is half the fun is a statement that has never been truer than it is for those who attend tailgate parties. But tailgating isn’t always just beer drinking and barbecue. Planning games for your tailgate party can add some entertainment value to an already entertaining situation. Before kickoff or first pitch, have some fun with your fellow fans by taking part in a tailgate party game related to your favorite team.

Football Hunt

Football hunt is a tailgate party game that resembles an Easter egg hunt. Use brown plastic Easter eggs so they look like footballs. Inside each egg, place a piece of paper with a number that corresponds to one of the types of scoring in a football game. Randomly use "2" for a safety, "3" for a field goal or "7" for a touchdown/extra point. You’ll need four times as many eggs as you have players.

Make a football scoring chart with a column for each quarter of the game and enough rows for each player. Hide the eggs and then send the players on their way to find the eggs. Each person should hunt until they find four football eggs (or don't set a number to encourage a blitz for football eggs). Everyone will choose one of their eggs to open and the scores for the first quarter should be written on the scoreboard. Repeat for each of the other three quarters to determine a winner. Have a prize for the player with the highest score.

Play the Squares

Playing the squares is a friendly wager game for sports fans. If you are not able to legally gamble in your area, then you can play the game for a prize without an entry fee.

Make a poster board chart into a grid with 100 squares in a 10-by-10 format. Number the columns across the top 0 through 9 to represent the home team and number the rows down the left side 0 through 9 to represent the visiting team.

Players sign their names in the squares they choose to “purchase” and the scores at the end of each quarter determine the winners. At the end of each quarter look at the last number of the home team score and the last number of the away team score and then see where the column and row intersect. The person whose name is in that square wins. If you are tailgating for a sport other than football, the squares still work, just play for halftime and final scores or final score only.

Mascot Stomp

Blow up latex balloons in the colors of your team and draw the mascot of the opposing team on them with markers. Tell players to tie a balloon to their ankle with a piece of ribbon. Have everyone stand in a circle and then blow a whistle signaling the start of the game.

At the whistle everyone will attempt to stomp and pop the other mascot balloons. The last person with a balloon wins the game.