Summer DIY: Nautical-Themed Starfish Scarf

If you love this summer’s nautical trend as much as I do, you can easily join in by creating a a quick and easy starfish scarf. All you need is a couple yards of lightweight fabric in a color of your choice, some coordinating fabric paint, a foam brush and a starfish stamp.

First, hem the raw edges of the fabric. Fold over the fabric 3/4 of an inch, and sew close to the fold all the way around. Use a matching thread color if you don’t want the stitching to show, or use a contrasting thread for a pop of color.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to trim close to the stitching.

Fold over the hem again, so the first row of stitching is on the fold, and stitch.

Use a foam brush to load your stamp with fabric paint. The trick is to wipe off the foam brush as much as possible, leaving just a thin layer of paint to dab onto your stamp. This helps to create a clear image.

Press the stamp onto your fabric and continue until you have enough of the image covering your scarf.

Now you’re ready to head to the shore and make a wish upon a starfish.