Substitute for Heavy Whipping Cream in Mousse

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Meaning "foam" in French, mousse is light and airy on the tongue but fairly heavy in fat. Heavy whipping cream is a common addition to the dish, whether sweet or savory, and while it may taste heavenly, health-concious mothers often look for more nutritious alternatives. There are several, ranging from a standard milk-based product to using coconut cream to create the same, albeit lactose-free, effect.

Non-Fat Whipping Topping

Substitute whipping topping in a ratio of one to one with heavy cream. The whipped topping acts similarly to heavy whipping cream but is created from lactose-free products that are whipped to create the same fluffy texture as the cream. The stabilizers within the product help mousse to retain its shape for a long period of time, such as overnight in the fridge. Whipping topping can be found in the frozen food section of the grocery store, near the desserts.


Use yogurt in lieu of heavy whipping cream in cold mousse. While still a milk-product, making it unsuitable for those on lactose-free diets, it contains less fat than heavy cream. Substitute in a ratio of one part yogurt for every one part cream called for. If desiring a low-fat substitute, use Greek-style yogurt; it will retain its shape better due to the higher protein and less moisture content. To add flavor to the mousse, use a flavored yogurt, such as vanilla or lemon.


Throw tofu into a mousse recipe instead of heavy cream to create a dish that is not only delicious, but nutritious, as well. Full of protein and low in fat, tofu is a standard vegan alternative to heavy whipping cream in a variety of recipes. Substitute one part silken tofu for one part heavy whipping cream. Blend the tofu with the other ingredients called for in the recipe until smooth and slightly frothy. Refrigerate until chilled to set the tofu before serving.

Coconut Cream

Use coconut cream to create a similar texture to whipped cream in mousse and to add a rich and sweet flavor. While coconut cream is similar to cream in terms of fat content, it is a much healthier than its animal-based counterpart. Substitute in a ratio of one to one; the similar fat content gives the two ingredients similar properties. Refrigerate overnight to enhance the flavors that permeate throughout the cream.