Substitute for English Mustard

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English mustard is spicy and has a bright yellow color. Made from a combination of white, brown or black mustard seeds, turmeric and flour, it has a distinct flavor and heat. You can use English mustard in recipes or as a condiment. When substituting English mustard, look for a substitute that offers that bitter note of mustard, but still packs a little heat.

Try Creole Mustard

Creole mustard is a coarse, prepared mustard that is hot and has a similar texture to English mustard. Creole mustard is more of a dingy yellow than bright like English mustard, but this is because it doesn't contain turmeric. Use Creole mustard in equal proportions to English mustard in your recipe.

Get Some Chinese Mustard

Traditionally, Chinese mustard is served as a dipping sauce. It is made from mustard powder and water, and then mixed with wine until it turns into a paste. Chinese mustard is spicy; therefore, use it in equal proportions to English mustard in your recipe.

Use Spicy Brown Mustard

Brown mustard is an American mustard made from the brown mustard seed. It is used in recipes and as a condiment on sandwiches and it is considered a coarse, prepared mustard like English mustard. It isn't as spicy as English mustard, but you can use it if you are looking for a sweeter mustard. Use 1 tablespoon of brown mustard for every 2 tablespoons of English mustard and add more to taste.

Try Horseradish

Prepared horseradish is creamy and spicy. It offers a similar heat to English mustard, but doesn't have the yellow color or vinegary aftertaste. Use horseradish as-is or mix it with a little Dijon mustard to replace English mustard in your recipe. Since horseradish has a distinct flavor, use a ratio of 1 part horseradish to 4 parts English mustard and add more, as needed for taste.


Wagarashi is a Japanese mustard made from brown mustard seeds. It has a sharp, very spicy flavor similar to English mustard. Wagarashi isn't used as a condiment; instead, it is used as a seasoning and in small quantities because of its pungent flavor. Wagarashi is spicier than English mustard; therefore, use 1 part Wagarashi for every 2 parts English mustard.