How to Stand Up to a Bully

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Whether you're a student or an employee, bullies seem to exist in all sections of American society. You may be the one who's taken out on the basketball court and punched in the nose or the one who does all the work while your co-worker takes credit. Standing up to a bully can take many forms, but ultimately you will be showing him that he no longer controls how you feel or act.

Step 1

Humanize the bully. He is human just like you are, and he has things that bother him. Find out what bothers your bully and focus on that any time he tries to intimidate you. In realizing that he's dealing with his own problems, you may gain confidence you didn't know you had.

Step 2

Outnumber the bully. Rarely does a bully only have one victim, so gather forces. There is power in numbers. Your group can stick together and stop the bully in his tracks.

Step 3

Be kind to him. Most bullies get their joy in watching you suffer, so be kind to him instead to knock him off his footing. It may not work the first few times, but if you show him that he doesn't have control over your moods, he may eventually leave you alone.

Step 4

Ignore the bully. Most bullies are simply trying to get attention, so turn your back on her. When she realizes you won't listen to her, she will eventually give up and go away. If you continue to ignore her, she will eventually lose interest in you and move on to someone else.

Step 5

Tell someone in authority. The truth is that some bullies are just too mean for any of the previous tactics to work. Instead of allowing yourself to continue being victimized, you should immediately tell someone in charge what is happening. No one should be allowed to intimidate you in any way.

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