Six Ways to Meet Cute Guys Over the Summer

by Zora Hughes

In the summer, it seems like really cute guys come out of the woodwork, giving you lots of options for a potential summer fling or love connection. However, you need to strategically position yourself in places that eligible men frequent. You're likely to spot plenty of guys taking advantage of the summer weather at the beach, park or outdoor events, as well as enjoying hip indoor venues.

Hit the Beach

Whether it's the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico or a little lake in middle America, the beach is a perfect place to go in the summer if you want to see hunky guys in swim trunks. Wearing sunglasses while you're catching some rays is a great way to scan the crowd for cute men without being obvious. You might also want to bring a close girlfriend or two if you spot someone who's got buddies of his own. If he's playing beach volleyball with his pals, you and your friends can go over and ask to join. Try to get on the same team as the guy you're eyeing.

Go to Every Summer Party

Don't fill your summer evenings with reruns of your favorite TV shows. If you want to meet cute guys, you have to put yourself out there as much as possible, giving yourself the opportunity to meet a lot of guys. Don't be a wallflower at these parties either. You need to be a bit of a social butterfly and even a little bold to get a guy's attention, as he's likely doing the same thing you are: scanning the crowd for a beautiful woman. Tease the cute guy who's the grill master at your friend's barbecue about whether or not he really knows what he's doing. Volunteer to play chicken at a pool party when the hot guy with washboard abs asks for a partner.

Get into Baseball

There's no denying that baseball attracts guys -- almost as much as women do -- and sometimes, maybe more. Try to score tickets to at least one major league game with a friend and make it a point to "accidentally" bump into the cute guys sitting near you. If you can't get tickets, head to a sports bar near the stadium on game day, wearing the home team's baseball cap or a cute team shirt. Don't be afraid to ask the guy sitting next to you at the bar to explain a play. As long as the game is not in an intense moment, he'll more than likely be happy to explain the game to you, making it a perfect opportunity for a little flirting.

Hang Out at the Park

In the summer, guys who like to stay fit tend to break out of the gym routine and go on early morning runs or just exercise outdoors. Drag yourself out of bed early -- and hit up your park in your cutest running gear. Don't attempt this if you rarely work out or hate to run, as it'll be obvious that you're not serious. If you're not athletically inclined, go to the park a little later with your dog and strike up a conversation with the cute dog lover sitting on a park bench. If you don't own a dog, offer to walk a friend's pooch.

Hit an Outdoor Music Festival

Most cities offer free live music entertainment on select summer evenings, as well as major outdoor music festivals with headlining acts. These events are typically brimming with cute and passionate music lovers, aspiring crooners and those on the prowl, just like you. Grab a blanket and a picnic lunch to enjoy a lawn concert -- and enlist the help of friends to scan for cuties in the crowd. When you set your eyes on a fine specimen of a man, make it a point to walk past him a couple of times -- and make eye contact. If he's eating something, you might stop and ask him where he bought his food as a way to strike up a conversation.

Indoor Hot Spots

In the summer, you're likely to find an intellectual or introverted hot guy doing more low-key and indoor things. Spend a few hours at an independent bookstore and find an excuse to ask that quiet cutie what made him pick up the book he's checking out. Make sure you're up on the hippest authors so you don't seem clueless. Alternatively, bring your laptop to a trendy coffee shop and strike up a conversation with the cute guy sitting near you. Mention what a cool spot it is and ask him for recommendations on the shop's coffee drinks, or ask if he's working on a bestseller.

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