Simple DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults

Halloween can sneak up on you, and you'll find yourself without a costume but attending a costume party. You don't have to be the odd man without a costume. There are plenty of cheap, simple, adult costume ideas you can put together at home. Look through your closet for clothing pieces and accessories you probably already own.

Dress in nude colored clothing, such as a tan tank top and leggings.

Cut leaf shapes from green fabric that are large enough to cover the groin or groin and breast areas of the costume.

Secure the leaf pieces to the costume in the appropriate spots with safety pins.

Cut small leaf shapes out of the green fabric and secure around the entirety of the elastic headband with small safety pins. You will wear this as your leaf-wreath headpiece.

Hold an apple if you are Eve and wear a rubber snake around your neck if you are Adam.

Make Your Outfit Sexy

Decide on an easy DIY outfit. If you want to be a nurse, wear a white button-down dress, white shoes and a white nurse's hat. If you are a vampire, put in plastic fangs, paint your face white and around your eyes black and wear red or black lipstick. Dress in red or black. Be a pirate by tying a bandana around your head, wearing large earrings and an eye patch.

Make your outfit sexy by wearing a minimal amount of clothing to back up the costume. If you are dressing as a nurse, unbutton your dress to reveal your decolletage. If you are a vampire -- male or female -- anything that is red or black will go with your theme, so wear red short shorts and a black tank top if you'd like. Pirate women can wear corsets and pirate men can wear their flowing shirts unbuttoned with tight pants.

Complete the outfit with tall high heels for women. Makeup on both sexes should be flattering rather than ghoulish, but still fit the theme. For example, look to Johnny Depp's character in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies for makeup that would look great on a man or woman.

Dress as a Child

Make a child-like T-shirt by using an iron on, by drawing on a T-shirt with Sharpie or by cutting out a pattern and safety-pinning it to the shirt. You could do a Batman theme, an A B C theme or write a message like, "I Love Camp."

Wear white sox, dorky sneakers and shorts pulled up a little too high. Women should wear a pink or polka-dot dress that is a little too short or small, white socks and Mary Janes.

Carry around a large lollipop, plastic truck or stuffed toy to complete the look.