Signs That My Best Friend Is Attracted to Me

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Is your best friend starting to act more like a boyfriend? If you and he grew up together playing sports and climbing trees but now he is really into watching movies alone with you, like romantic comedies, you might have a “friend crush’ on your hands. Before you cross the line of your friendship -- by telling him to back off or asking him out on a date -- decide whether he is truly interested.

He Has Been Acting “Weird”

Your best friend has always been like a member of your family, although lately, has he been spending extra time at your house doing things he does not need to do. If your friend volunteers to repave the driveway with your dad, it shows he will do just about anything to spend time near you, according to Streeter Seidell for and published in Seventeen Magazine. If he has started to touch you more often, or if he blushes or behaves in an embarrassed manner, or spends more time on his appearance than usual, these can also be signs that he wants to be more than a friend.

He Doesn’t Like Your Crush

You see a guy you think is hot and you point him out, and he shrugs with a “meh.” In his mind, this means, “I’m way better than that guy,” according to Cary McNeal for, and published on Glamour Magazine. If you have a serious crush on someone else, he may find reason to find fault with that guy or to be competitive with him in other ways. If he thought of you only as a friend, he wouldn’t be so jealous.

He Is More Available Than Ever

If you call him in the middle of the night and he spends an hour talking with you even though he had been sleeping, he is probably into you, says Seidell. If your guy friend is always ready to hang out with you, cheer you up, study with you, and attend events with your family, he is putting aside other things so that he can hang out with you. Additionally, even though he is your best friend -- if he never, ever has a scheduling conflict when it comes to you -- he probably is hoping for more.

He Is Super Thoughtful

You always bought each other goofy gifts on birthdays and at Christmas, but now the gifts are coming more frequently. This is another sign he might really be into you as more than a friend. If he is making playlists for you and buys gifts for you that he “just happened” to think that you would like, he might be hinting. If he remarks that you look nice or remembers what you wore on a certain day -- that also probably means he is attracted to you, says McNeal