Shark Cake Decorating Ideas

TorriPhoto/iStock/Getty Images

Humans have long been fascinated by sharks. They're ancient and mysterious, and they occasionally emerge from their ocean homes to terrorize humans. Many people, from nature-loving children to shark movie fanatics to wildlife scientists, might enjoy a shark-themed cake. Whether you're a master cake decorator or you're simply looking to spruce up a store-bought cake, there's a shark decoration for you.


An easy way to decorate a shark-themed cake is with shark toys. Wash plastic toy sharks and dry them thoroughly before placing them on top of a store-bought cake. Crush graham crackers for sand and use blue icing for the sea, and add goldfish crackers or Swedish fish to the "water" for shark bait. Use dollhouse-sized dolls to add people to your beach scene. Small pieces of paper or fabric cut into rectangles serve as beach towels; pair them with drink umbrellas.


Sharks, or, at least the stereotypical images, have iconic mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth. To add teeth to the cake, dip candy corn in white chocolate and place them in the mouth of the shark. Alternately, cut mini-marshmallows or fondant into a triangular shape. For non-edible teeth, cut a piece of white paper into a triangular pattern to create the effect.

Blood Drippings

Strawberry syrup creates the illusion of blood from a shark bite. Red food coloring has a similar effect, but since it's not as thick, it can stain clothes and skin. Red food dye added to melted white chocolate makes blood that hardens, which helps it stay put if you're using plastic or candy decorations or cake toppers.

Bitten Cake

To create the illusion of a shark bite on the cake, use a red velvet cake mix as the base. After you frost the cake, remove a chunk from one edge to make it look as if a shark has bitten it; the red cake mimics flesh. Carve teeth-shaped triangles into the bitten edges and add strawberry syrup as fake blood. If you don't want the bite to mimic flesh, use white cake mix; then decorate the cake to look like a bitten surfboard.

Dorsal Fin

The iconic image of the single fin emerging from the water says "shark!" unlike anything else. To create a simple fin emerging from your cake, cut a triangle fin shape from a square piece of cake. Slide thin dowel rods inside the fin and press them into the cake to ensure the fin doesn't fall over. Frost the fin and the cake a blue-gray color.

Shark Shape

Use one of two ways to create a shark-shaped cake. You can purchase a shark-shaped cake pan, which acts like a mold. Alternatively, cut a cake into a shark shape. First, bake a large, rectangular cake. Sketch a simple shark shape on paper; cut it out to use as a template to draw the shark on the cake.