Say Goodbye to Boring Breakfast



What better way to start off the day than by surprising someone with breakfast in bed? Skip the usual morning ritual of a boring bowl of cereal and replace it with golden brown French toast, crispy hash browns and delectable poached eggs. Each mouthwatering bite will make them want to stay in bed all day long!

A Fresh Pressed Perk

Become your own personal barista with a freshly prepared, French pressed cup of Joe. For that coffeehouse taste, grind your own beans and be sure to soak the grounds in just enough water to create a light blanket of foam, also known as a “bloom,” before adding the remainder of the water to your French press.


French Toast to Boast

Fluffy French toast smothered in whipped cream is a morning must-have! French bread makes the best main ingredient for this classic dish. For bread that better absorbs the batter, choose from your store’s day old section. Remember to include a few slices of your favorite fruit drizzled with honey for a hint of natural sweetness.


Hash Browns Hash Tag #Delicious!

For extra crispy hash browns, peel a Russet potato and shred it using a box grater. Place the potato shreds in a clean kitchen towel and squeeze out any excess moisture. Melt butter in a large pan and cook both sides of each hash brown for about five minutes. Remove any excess oil by resting the finished product on a stack of paper towels. Enjoy!


Pancake Paradise

Pancakes paired with warm maple syrup make for a perfect rainy day or any day breakfast. Need extra help pouring the perfect amount of batter for each pancake? Try using an ice cream scoop or a ketchup squeeze bottle filled with batter for perfectly sized pancakes every time -- not to mention less mess on your kitchen countertop.


Back to Basics

An oldie but a goodie, a simple cheese omelet gives you that extra dose of protein to keep you focused in the morning. Not a fan of cheese? Try some great non-dairy alternatives made from soy, almond or rice milk. Top with avocado slices and salsa for extra flair.


Perfectly Poached Eggs

Julia Child discovered a great way to poach eggs without the usual addition of vinegar or lemon juice. The trick? Take a clean safety pin and prick a small hole in the egg’s shell. Place egg, shell and all, in a boiling pan of water for ten seconds before cracking its contents into a gently simmering medium pan. Once fully poached, consider garnishing your creation with some fresh plum slices and melon.