What Are Yellow Potatoes?

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If you want a sweet, buttery potato that you can mash, fry, bake or roast, pick up a few pounds of yellow potatoes the next time you go to the store. Unless you're cooking for a crowd, don't get a 10 pound bag of yellow potatoes. They don't keep as well as russet varieties, so just buy what you are able to use.

Yellow Potatoes Defined

Ranging in color from light yellow skin to golden yellow, yellow potatoes are a tasty tuber to add to your cooking repertoire. They have a rich, buttery flavor, and they are excellent mashed, boiled, baked or fried.


There are several different varieties of yellow potato. Yukon Gold potatoes are ovular, with yellow skin and pink eyes. Yellow Finns are flattened, sweeter than Yukon Golds and have deep eyes. Proventos are another yellow potato that range from oval to round and are medium to large in size.

Benefits of Yellow Potatoes

Yukon Gold yellow potatoes boast a lower starch content than their brown friends. You can substitute them in recipes that call for white potatoes without any trouble, and they even have a rich, buttery flavor, thus needing less seasoning than other varieties.

Storing Yellow Potatotes

Store yellow potatoes in at room temperature in a dark place. They have a higher sugar content than russet variety potatoes and cannot be kept as long, so prepare them within one to two weeks of purchase.