Rules for Texting Guys

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Women often assume that men are complex creatures, but when it comes to texting, guys are straightforward. Most guys would rather have a conversation in person, which is why they tend to reserve texting and phone calls for the purpose of making plans that involve in-person interaction. When texting a guy there are some common rules you should follow to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

No Inappropriate "Selfies"

Never send a guy a provocative picture of yourself, nude or implied. If you have a falling out, he can and may share your photo with friends -- or the world. As a general rule, if you want to text a guy a photo of yourself, make sure it is appropriate. For example, a photo of you from the neck up, smiling. Avoid sexting--sex-talk texting--for the same reason.

No Personal Information or Game Playing

Remember that anything you write becomes public information automatically because it is on record. Personal or important conversations should happen in person. Texting is impersonal and that works for some people, but women sometimes over-analyze texts. Don't fall into the phone-game trap where you decide you are not going to reply to his text right away because he took too long to reply to your last text.

Keep it Simple

Some people have a short attention span, but it depends upon the topic. If you are texting a guy and it is longer than usual, he may look at your text and skim through it without reading it word-for-word. It is easy for guys to misconstrue information when they skim through your text, so keep it simple and short when you are sharing information. Otherwise, just call him. Some guys have a cell phone plan with a limited number of texts per month, so be considerate of the bill he pays and choose your texts wisely.

The "Textationship" Effect

Texting has become the norm in communication. In fact, a phenomenon of relationships based purely on texting is called a "textationship" writes Goal Auzeen Saedi, a clinical psychologist, in an article for Psychology Today's website. It is important not to fall into the trap of relying on your technology to relate to a guy. Texting should be fun, but it shouldn't be your crutch, so be sure to spend equal amounts of time with your guy in person, as well. Don't rely solely on texts.