Retired Military Dependent Identification Card Requirements

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Military service members offer a commitment to the country that could cost them their lives. In return, the country offers active and retired service members a lifetime of benefits. As the dependent of retired military personnel, you may be eligible to apply for an ID card that entitles you to benefits from the federal government. The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) issues and keeps track of these ID cards and determines if you are eligible for a variety of privileges, described on as including "medical care, commissary, exchange, and theater privileges."


The retired military personnel in your family must either be your parent, a legal stepparent, or adoptive parent for you to apply for the ID card and receive benefits.


To apply for the card, dependents must be under the age of 21 if not they are not in school, or 23 years old if they attend school full time.

Incapacitated states that children of "any age if incapacitated before the age of 21 (23 if in school at the onset of the incapacity) and dependent upon the retired sponsor for more than one-half their support" may also apply for the ID card.


Application Form DD 1172 must be completed with the notarized signature of the retired military personnel before an ID card is granted to a dependent or family member.