Remedy for Itchy Skin on the Back in Winter

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Itchy skin can be irritating, especially if it is in a hard-to-reach spot in the back. Due to dry weather conditions, itchy skin is typically worse in the winter than at any other time of year. To remedy itchy skin in the winter, you need to combat the skin's tendency to dry out.


Taking a shower or bath is not necessary every day, especially in the winter when warm water sucks the moisture right out of skin, leaving it itchy. Switch bathing to every other day and use warm, not hot, water. Or else try washing your back with a moisturizing soap two to three times a week.


To clear dead skin that can clog pores and lead to itchiness, exfoliate the dry, outer layer to reveal fresh, moisturized skin. Use an exfoliating body wash or bar of soap and reach all areas of the back with an extended loofah or back brush. Sugar mixed with moisturizing body wash can also be used to slough away the dead skin.


Applying oil or lotion is vital to getting rid of itchy skin in winter. The best time to apply moisturizer is right after bathing, before being completely dry. By applying moisturizer at this time, it seals in the moisture and helps skin feel softer and less dry and itchy.


An extra remedy for dry skin on the back is oatmeal. Moisturizing oatmeal can be added to a bath with bath oils or a mask of oil, avocado and oatmeal can be put on the back for 15 minutes and then washed off to remove dead skin while sealing in moisture.