How to Reconnect With Relatives

by Janos Gal
If years have passed, you may find your relatives have young kids.

If years have passed, you may find your relatives have young kids.

Reconnecting with relatives can be challenging because there may have been misunderstandings or family feuds that disconnected you in the first place, and to overcome sour feelings is often the most difficult. However, if you think it is time to reconnect, there are several steps you can take to find relatives you have not spoken to in a long while. They may have moved or changed phone numbers, so in order to reconnect you may have to find your relatives first.

Track Your Relatives

Look up the contact details you have for the relatives with whom you want to reconnect. You might find that they still live in the same place and use the same phone number, so just call them and hope for the best.

Ask relatives with whom you have kept in touch for the contact details of your other relatives.

Reconnect with lost relatives through the Internet. Use social networking sites to search for your relatives' names, and add them as a friend with a short message explaining who you are if your face has changed a lot over time.

Look up your relative's name in a phone book if you know where your relative lives but you do not know his address or phone number.

Get to Know Each Other

Talk to your relative about past events that you have not been able to share together because you have been separated.

Invite your relative to your home and organize a family reunion with other family members, too, to connect a lot of relatives at one time.

Bring photos and videos to the family reunions and tell your relatives about events that have happened over the years while you were separated.

Reconnect with as many of your relatives as you can and recommend to keep in touch regularly.

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